Hello MJW readers!  Did you enjoy a fabulous weekend?  I had a fabulous pre-Birthday weekend (If you read Friday’s post you know my birthday is today!)  I always consider Halloween to be the official start to the fall season!  Before, we embark on a day of fall with orange as our primary color of the season let’s start the week off with another blast of summer and some gorgeous green prettiness from this Chyna Darner…


This Shabbat is very special for me!  It is the 30th Anniversary of my Bat Mitzvah.  For those of you who don’t speak Bat Mitzvah that means my 43rd birthday is on Halloween! It was nothing less than divine intervention that the Torah portion at my Bat Mitzvah, thereafter known as my Torah portion, was Noah.  The portion of the animals being loaded onto the ark “two by two” would become the story of my…


This week more on the Ketubah from Modern Jewish Wedding Sponsor, Gallery Judaica!  I Need a Ketubah! Where do I Start? By Gallery Judaica According to tradition and ancient Judaic law, a bride and groom must agree to a contract in order for their Jewish marriage to be binding. This wedding contract is called a “ketubah.” Gallery Judaica specializes in offering beautiful “ketubot” (plural of ketubah) to couples across the country and beyond. If you’re…


Last night I spent the evening studying with my fellow event peeps at the International Special Events Society (ISES) Austin “Event to Remember!” Would you believe there were pole dancers at study hall? Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how pole dancers, acrobats, a photo booth, an ice sculpture being made in front of my eyes, fabulous centerpieces and did I mention food and adult beverages is considered Study Hall? It’s all part of continuing education…


Tamar (who goes by Tammy) and Mikey had me at Hello with their unique wedding filmed by Final Frame Studios.  You know it’s going to be a FUN, with a Capital “F” wedding when the bride is wearing pink and the groom (and all his men) are wearing sneakers! The video will make you laugh, smile and when Zede speaks even tear up just a little!  Don’t hit backspace until you’ve seen the challah, the…

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