Michele (Chief Event Organizer) for MJW & MJM had an event trending on twitter! I just found out, the #atxmaccabi games were trending on twitter last night during our opening ceremonies.  I feel as if I have finally arrived! A little over a year ago, I was asked to be a co-chair for the 2013 Austin JCC Maccabi Games Opening Ceremonies.  A role I immediately said YES too!  After all, I thought to myself, “I’m…


It’s Tuesday Shoeday! Instead of bling or stilettos we have these a pair of leather pumps!  Perfect for a Modern Jewish Wedding taking place at Intervale Center in Burlington, Vermont.  The Intervale Center is a local food and sustainable agricultural hub for the city of Burlington. In addition, to being cognizant of their carbon footprint, Cambria & Ben were also careful about involving those closest to them in their special day.  Friends did the flowers…


In the midst of your Modern Jewish Wedding planning here are a few tips to keep your budget in check! First, and foremost, have a budget!  You can’t stick to something you don’t have. Judaism encourages celebration and a party–it’s a Mitzvah to drink and eat with the bride and groom.  However, Judaism doesn’t encourage lavishness out of line with what you can’t afford.  Translation–you shouldn’t be going into debt to celebrate your simcha. With…


A Modern Jewish Bar Mitzvah from Luciebelle Photography Although, I don’t work every weekend, I do still plan the occasional bar or bat mitzvah–like this weekend.  As I write this my mind is full of the details required to pull off a stunning event–that is a milestone for the entire family! (Prayerbooks, Kippot, Marshmallows, Havdallah Spices, Candles, Havdallah Set, Kiddish Cup, Song List for the Candlelighting, Favors…and on and on and on) Like Sandy’s New…


Chicago Skyline Perfect Backdrop for Engagement Session Snezhana and Rob met through friends a couple of years ago.  When the time was right for the two to get engaged, Rob did a good job of keeping the proposal a secret. He carried the ring with him up on a nice long hike & made sure to take rest breaks out of the norm of the “usual” proposal spots. Although the wedding will be in the…

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