Jewish Wedding Pictures:  10 Do’s & Don’ts for yours! When the wedding is over and all you’re left with is the big white dress you won’t ever wear again one way you can re-capture the moment is to sit down with your spouse and look over those fabulous Jewish wedding pictures!  Not the ones, your friends took and posted on facebook and instagram; the professional Jewish wedding pictures taken by a pro in the album…


We just love a good video! Thanks to NST Pictures we have a great one to share with you today for #WeddingWednesday. Dorielle & Reuven are having one heck of a good time and we’re invited. The Modern Jewish Wedding Details Everyone, please get order your wedding dress hanger.  Look how cute it is for pictures.  Also, we like the personalized tees not only for the bride and her maids, but also for MOB and…


This Modern Jewish Wedding has lots of our favorite elements! For one, it’s from Steve Koo Photography.  Anytime we open our inbox and see a submission from him we know it’s going to be a fun one!  Second, it’s a fall wedding (bringing back memories of another fall favorite-hint, hint) and finally, they served french toast for breakfast. What more could you want? Steve tells us, “On my way over to Hotel Lincoln the morning…


Hard to believe, but, Summer is a comin’! Having an Outdoor Wedding or Reception in the Summer? Here at 10 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Wedding & Reception Hire a Certified Wedding Professional! If you’ve decided on an outdoor wedding and/or reception Hire a Wedding Professional! A planner earns her keep just by nailing down a back up weather plan and putting it into action if the need arises!  Weather effects an outdoor wedding and…


It’s Lag B’Omer- a very popular day for weddings in Israel We have celebrated Passover and we’re heading toward my favorite holiday Shavuot (which starts on June 3 and is the holiday where you wear pajamas to shul, study and eat blintzes all night!)  But, I’m getting two weeks ahead of myself. This coming Sunday, May 18 is Lag B’Omer, a day is celebrated with community, wine, sweets & Weddings, which are prohibited during the…

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