Happy Anniversary Tim & Scott! Every year to celebrate July 4th we spend the week showcasing weddings from this time of year.  Lucky for us this Modern Jewish Wedding of Tim and Scott is not only from June 20, but also, one of our all time favorites.  We’re sure Tim & Scott are what SNL had in mind. They were married June 30, 2012 at the gorgeous Lord Thompson Manor in Connecticut. Some of the…


Lauren’s Bridal Shower in Brooklyn, NY at Ahi Ezer Congregation was a joy. She, her family and friends celebrated her change from Miss Schwalb to Mrs. Goldstein.  After participating via a previously recorded video during the future bride and groom trivia game, he made a  surprise in person appearance during the bingo game. Lauren’s bridesmaids had their own surprise planned, with a “life’s moments” themed champagne presentation which featured such events as, the first wedding…


Engage! Your Modern Jewish Wedding with these 7 tips Engage! is a Luxury Wedding Conference where attendees are given the opportunity to hear from, speak to and network with the most creative and talented people in the events industry. Regular speakers include my sheros:  Marcy, Mindy and Sylvia and my heros:  Matthew & Randy. Each time I attend the Engage! conference (the one earlier this month was my 4th) I am always blown away by…


Don’t be that guy! You know the one.  The one everyone talks about after the party’s over.  The rude guest. The one who smells of cigarettes, alcohol and to much cologne. (Ladies, you know the smell!) UGH. Or the boorish guest who gets too inebriated to enjoy the entertainment. They talk to loud and whistle so your ears hurt. Never fear, The Modern Jewish Wedding is here to help.  (Ladies (and gents), feel free to…


Drink Up Ladies!  It’s National Martini Day! Martini’s are considered the drink of the suave and sophisticated!  Famous for being the drink of James Bond.  He’ll have his”Shaken, Not Stirred!”  The Cosmopolitan is a favorite of Carrie and the Girls on SATC.  Some call the Martini the icon of the cocktail world! And, there is a version of the famous drink for every Modern Jewish Bride! How about this idea for a signature cocktail at…

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