5 Modern Jewish Wedding Cake Trends for 2016

Some of your guests think the Modern Jewish Wedding Cake is the best part of the wedding!

Kenna hora! No!  The Best Part?  Yup. That’s right.  Your guests will remember your chuppah, ketubah and cake.

Each year Jewish wedding cakes get more creative, crazy and beautiful!  Cakes now rank right next to the wedding dress in order of importance to brides!  Keeping up-to-date on the latest cake fashions is a must!

Top Five Modern Jewish Wedding Cake Trends for 2016:


We’re seeing it everywhere.  Stationery, shoes, tablescapes, flowers and wedding cakes.

The best thing about this trend:  it fits in with every Modern Jewish Bride style there is.  You can go chic with a geometric look or be elegant with the classic details and subtle applique.

modern jewish wedding cake trends matallic

Photos taken by: Jeff Kolodny, Sarah & Ben, Jeff Kolodny & Leah Moyers

Naked Cakes!

I love this trend.  Maybe, that’s because I actually love the taste of cake without fondant.  The current bridal generation agrees.  Millennial brides care just as much about the taste of the cake and the look.  Naked cakes do both.  Imagine the look of the funfetti or the red velvet without the frosting?  This trend is a great one to show off a seasonal fruit or a fruit from your color palette.

modern jewish wedding cake trends naked cakes

Photos from: Photography by Vanessa, Pepper Nix and JBMP


Need I say more?  One of my all time favorite cakes ever was this ombre one I chose for my daughter’s Modern Jewish Bat Mitzvah luncheon.  I never even got a piece.  People were so enthralled with it’s beauty, they couldn’t wait to bite into it for a taste.

modern jewish wedding cake trend ombre

Photo by Ginny B Photography


This trend isn’t just a barn and a mason jar anymore.  It’s about bringing in elements of outdoors inside in an elegant and modern way.  The home design trend we see from the #ScottBrothers on HGTV with hardwoods and barn doors is being transferred to wedding styles including the cake.

Modern Jewish Wedding Cake Trends 2016

Photos by: Michelle Castro, Wasio, Andres Valenzuela, & Genesa Richards

Wedding Cake Couplets!

You are all about having multiple choices.  You, your fiance and your friends all love different flavors and you hate the idea of disappointing anyone.  With this trend you can have it all.  Show off your color palette with a pleasing display for the eye that will please the stomach too.  With multiple cakes you can have multiple flavors.  Each guest can try a bite of everything.

Modern Jewish Wedding Cake Treands Multiples

Photos by: Jen Yuson Photography & Erin Johnson Photography

wedding cake trends multiple cakes

Photos by: Sur La Lune & Hildebrand Photography

Just like wedding dresses and hairstyles, the style for wedding cakes change too!  You may have your own Jewish wedding traditions and customs, but try and find a creative way to stay on top of the latest tasty trends!  Your guests will be happy that you did!

Need more wedding cake inspiration?  We curate it for you on our Pinterest Boards, “Let them eat Cake,” “Cupcakes Galore,” “I love Amy Atlas & dessert bars,” & “Ombre obsessed.

Shabbat Shalom.  See ya’ Monday!

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