5 Tips to Create Your Modern Jewish Wedding Candy Bar

Today is National Candy Day!

You know us, we’re always going to celebrate any chance we get.  And, we do have a ton of left over Halloween candy…

With help from our friends at Candy Warehouse, we’re sharing the celebration with you, with the tips you need to create a candy bar your guests will ooh and ahhh over.

1. Have fun

Picking a color palette for your wedding (or Mitzvah) is a fun task.  Picking the candy to match your color palette should be just as fun.  You can browse the candy selections by color to help you find selections that will match (and not compete with) your decor.

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Photo by:  Luxury Estates Weddings & Events


2. Make sure to have enough candy on hand

The experts at Candy Warehouse tell us, candy bar, candy warehouse, how much candy to buy

If you are providing a candy buffet/bar that allows guests to take some candy home with them in the form of a party favor, our general rule of thumb is to account for approximately eight ounces of candy per guest. That is roughly the equivalent weight of four full-size candy bars. This means if you have 100 guests, then you will need approximately 800 ounces or 50 pounds of candy.”


3. Select candy that works for your event

To create a visually appealing candy buffet, we suggest you present eight to ten different types of candy. Since each guest will have his or her unique candy preferences, offering a variety of choices is important. Include a few chocolateselections, taffies,hard candies,gummies,mints,sour candies, and the like. If your guest list consists of mostly adults, you might want to order more chocolates andold-school/ nostalgic candy. If your event is geared more toward children, you might want to order more gummies, sour and colorful candies.”

candy bar, bat mitzvah, dessert buffet, modern jewish mitzvah, wedding candy bar

4. It’s all about the candy container

Really, anything can be used as a candy holder: glass jars, colorful bowls, metal trays, baskets, planters, even our famous 25-Pound Gummy Bear. Usually, five pounds of candy will fill about a one gallon container. Keep in mind candy comes in all different shapes, sizes and weights, and five pounds of M&Ms will take up less space in a container than, say, five pounds of taffy or marshmallows.

5.  Create a beautiful display

You can find inspiration for candy designs from all different forms of artistic expression including floral design, fashion and culinary arts.  To help get you brainstorming on different ways to display your candy, take a look at our Pinterest board dedicated to all things dessert buffet and candy bar as well as an homage to best candy bar creator there is–our friend Amy Atlas.
modern jewish wedding, candy bar, michele schwartz, thanksgiving desserts
In her book, “Sweet Designs,” Amy writes, “Go High, Go Low”
There’s nothing more unflattering than a table full of plates and platters of the same height.  The eye doesn’t know what to look at first, no depth or dimension is created, there is no composition, and in a word, it’s just boring.  On every table, there’s a distinctly vertical element or elements, whether it’s a tiered cake, a pair of pie stands, a pair of candy boards, a tower of cupcakes, a floral arrangement, or a series of graduated pedestals.  The vertical element can be the baked sweet itself or the serving pieces you put it on.”
Amy’s hint!  When she creates her “eye candy” displays she always tackles the vertical element first.

Are you planning a fabulous candy or dessert display at your Modern Jewish Wedding?  We want to be in the know.  Tell us about it over on our Facebook or show us your pics on Instagram with the #MazelTov.

This is sponsored post from Candy Warehouse.  However, all thought, text and comments are my own.  The featured image is the Roaming Candy Bar from our friends at The Cupcake Bar.  The Amy Atlas Thanksgiving Candy Bar comes from her website.  
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