7 Stealable Ideas from Engage!14 Cayman Islands

Engage! Your Modern Jewish Wedding with these 7 tips

Engage is a conference designed to bring together some of the most elite wedding planners and pros (we’re talking trend-setters and celebrity planners like Mindy Weiss and Marcy Blum) to collaborate and exchange ideas. The best part? You can’t bring together the most creative wedding pros across the country without hosting a ton wedding-worthy parties!

Each time I attend the Engage! conference (this one in Grand Cayman was my 5th) I am always blown away by the attention to detail (no surprise since the creators are Disney Wedding alumna), the creativity and the WOW factor.

Here are just a few of the ideas you can “steal” for your own Modern Jewish Wedding.

1. Monochromatic Color Works!

I know we’re all excited to see the new 2015 Pantone Color of the Year (Marsala); but, there’s a lot to be said for a monochromatic white.


2. Serve Local Food

It’s fun for your guests to experience the local flavors that make your destination special.  Here we had helpings of plantains, coconuts and banana pudding.

local food

3. Create a warm welcome

When your out of town visitors check in at their hotel show them a real welcome. It isn’t just about your welcome swag. It’s about creating a mood for your guests as they transition from travel mode to fun mode.

welcome swag

Click here for ideas on what to put in your wedding swag bag.

4. Linens are Awesome!

Linens create texture, color and creative seating.


5. Use Lighting!


6. Get everyone to participate in a Hora

Even the non-Jews at your party will get on the dance floor for a rousing Hora!


7. End the night with fireworks!


You can see the June Bachelor Gulch Engage! Steal Worthy Ideas.

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