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Michele Schwartz is a Jewish life cycle event expert who empowers couples to plan the perfect wedding with accurate and trustworthy information about Jewish traditions, beautiful visual content and an inclusive spirit. Through her planner, The Modern Jewish Wedding, she helps her audience feel connected to their heritage through a deeper understanding of the rituals so they can integrate them into the ceremony and reception in a fun and authentic way.

Advice on choosing your ketubah, explaining how you can use your Chuppah to express your personality as a couple, how to include Jewish Wedding traditions in your Interfaith wedding or how to modernize your classic Orthodox wedding. Along with real stories of and lessons learned from other MJW couples, worksheets, timelines, a budget planner, design advice and pockets all in a 3-ring binder you can take with you to interview creative partners.

It's all included. It's the perfect book or gift for people who are in the midst of planning a Jewish or Interfaith wedding or those in the wedding industry who want to learn more about Jewish weddings. To make this planner happen, we need your support.


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