Check out these bridal shoes.  Perfect for a Tuesday Shoeday Modern Jewish Wedding Bride Keri tells us, “Adam and I met through friends. I wasn’t looking for anything serious, just having graduated college, but he was looking for a nice Jewish girl to settle down with and bring home to his parents. I was so nervous on our first date, and thank goodness our friends supervised because  we didn’t say 2 words to each other….


We’re at Disney World in Orlando This Week. I am so excited to be visiting the Disney Wedding Pavilion and Franck’s studio.  We just had to profile a Modern Jewish Disney Wedding.  Even though, this one took place at Disneyland, it’s perfect to start off our week.  After all, I started my event career at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on the Disney College Program too. Watch for real time posts on the Disney World Vacation on…


And here is where I’ve been! Engage!13 I sure hope you have been following me on twitter, facebook and instagram this week (since I wasn’t able to get a blog post up).  If you did than  you saw me learning how to take events to a new level from iconic planners like Mindy Weiss, Marcy Blum & Sylvia Weinstock (the nice Jewish girls) & a few fabulous men like Colin Cowie too! Here’s what I…


Every year about this time I hit senioritus!  The time of year when it feels like summer outside, but, my kids are still in school.  The time of year when it’s the lull between the busy spring and the busy summer of events.  The time of year when Glee and Revenge are on hiatus; but, Royal Pains & Necessary Roughness haven’t started yet!  On the Jewish calendar it is the time between Shavout (my favorite…


This Shabbat is very special for me!  It is the 30th Anniversary of my Bat Mitzvah.  For those of you who don’t speak Bat Mitzvah that means my 43rd birthday is on Halloween! It was nothing less than divine intervention that the Torah portion at my Bat Mitzvah, thereafter known as my Torah portion, was Noah.  The portion of the animals being loaded onto the ark “two by two” would become the story of my…

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