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Mazel Tov Israel!  You’re 68 years old today!  Let’s have a party! We’ve got 5 Ways you can bring Israel’s Birthday Party to Your Own Par-teh! On Yom Ha’atzmaut there is a tradition to have a picnic and barbecue in the parks and forests. For this Real Modern Jewish Israeli Wedding the couple used tree bark to hold their escort cards. Go to the Beach! Did you know Israel boosts fabulous beaches?  Including the famous…


Each day this week we’ll be releasing one of the finalists. Starting next week you’ll get to vote on the winner. Meet Cover Finalist #2 Anat’s Bridal Portrait at her Jerusalem King David Hotel Wedding submitted by Collins Metu Photography Mazel Tov to Anat & Collins Metu Photography for becoming a finalist.    


It’s Lag B’Omer- a very popular day for weddings in Israel We have celebrated Passover and we’re heading toward my favorite holiday Shavuot (which starts on June 3 and is the holiday where you wear pajamas to shul, study and eat blintzes all night!)  But, I’m getting two weeks ahead of myself. This coming Sunday, May 18 is Lag B’Omer, a day is celebrated with community, wine, sweets & Weddings, which are prohibited during the…


We’re celebrating Yom H’atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) with a Modern Israeli Wedding. The bride tells us, “We met almost 10 years ago at a party on a Kibbutz whilst both serving in the IDF. We hit it off immediately and we dated for about 6 months … we then went separate ways  for a while but then after four years we got together and here we are four years later… married! The proposal was so romantic…


We love a good papercut Ketubah! Who wouldn’t?  They’re a work of art.  As every Ketubah should be.  We first fell in love with Oren and his papercut Ketubot a while back.  But, according to him, just after Passover is the “big season” for picking out Ketubot.  So, we figured it’s time for a revisit. Here is our Q & A with him.  (Along with some eye candy of his designs.) MJW: What advice do…

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