Modern Jewish Wedding never misses an excuse to eat dessert! Every year on the 2nd Thursday of August we celebrate one of my favorite desserts–the s’more.  I know I fashion myself to be Carriesque.  And, Carrie had her issues with the outdoors.  Understandably so.  She opined to Aiden, “A chipmunk is just a rat in a cuter costume!” But, there is something about the s’more that reminds me of the outdoors country or Jewish summer…

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Summer Modern Jewish Weddings & Ice Cream–Heck Yeah! With love for ice cream inherited from my Mom (and my love for the dessert bar) I had to devote a post to today’s National Ice Cream Day!  Ice Cream can have a clever place at any Modern Jewish Wedding, Modern Jewish Mitzvah or for that matter, any Modern Jewish Event, especially during the summer. How about a make your own sundae bar as a midnight snack…

jewish wedding popcorn bar

Michele did this popcorn bar at her Thanksgiving wedding several years ago.  She likes to think of herself as the trendsetter of the popcorn bar. Tomorrow is National Popcorn Day We’re celebrating by showcasing the ways you can use Popcorn in your Modern Jewish Wedding Here are just a few ideas on Michele’s Pinterest Board of Popcorn Bar Ideas. Feel like it’s not Elegant enough for your wedding?  How about at one of your wedding…

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You know we never miss a chance to celebrate Pie on Modern Jewish Wedding National Pie Day (not to be confused with National Pi Day on 3.14) is smack dab in the middle of the pie making season (between Thanksgiving & Chrismakah) Michele loves a good pie so much, she dispensed with the wedding cake and had a Pie Bar. Finding it difficult to do away with the traditional wedding cake, but, want to speak…

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This could just be our favorite National Food Holiday? We do love National Vanilla Cupcake Day.  But, one really can’t go wrong pairing the adorable cupcake with chocolate! Today is a day dedicated to the fabulousness of Chocolate Cupcakes!  It is #NationalChocolateCupcakeDay. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate cupcake? Experts said the cupcake trend had reached its end back in 2014.  Trendy replacements for the cute sweet were to be the doughnut, pies and the…

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