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Nothing says fresh start to a new day then a fresh cup of coffee? In honor of this java infused celebration for National Coffee Day I plan to order my favorite Starbuck’s Beverage (tall white chocolate mocha latte with one shot peppermint and no whip) and pay it forward by treating the next car at the drive through. Here’s hoping it lasts for a few cars! You can check out our Pinterest Board later today…

national guacamole day

Guacamole is one of my four major food groups! You can incorporate these National Guacamole Day ideas into your Modern Jewish Wedding (or your Modern Jewish Entertaining) at anytime, even if you’re not from the South. Guac (as we connoisseurs prefer to call it) is by definition it is, “A popular Mexican specialty of mashed avocado mixed with lemon or lime juice and various seasonings (usually chili powder and red pepper). Sometimes finely chopped tomato,…

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It’s National Rum Day! L’Chaim! This could be our favorite National Drink Holiday?  (Granted, it’s a tough choice with National Mojito Day right around the corner, but, we digress!) Yes, with our offices stuck right in the capital of Tex-Mex foodie heaven, Tequila is quite often the drink of choice here.  But, we don’t play favorites? Ever since Engage!14 in Grand Cayman and those rum cocktails served on the beach, not to mention the homemade…

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Modern Jewish Wedding never misses an excuse to eat dessert! Tomorrow, August 10, is the day devoted to one of my favorite desserts (& favorite dessert station) –the S’more. I know I fashion myself to be Carriesque.  And, Carrie had her issues with the outdoors.  Understandably so, “A chipmunk is just a rat in a cuter costume!” But, there is something about the s’more that reminds me of the outdoors country:  the fabulous smell of…

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The Mojitos are on us today (well the ideas at least) And, not just because it is my favorite “go to” cocktail (although it is)! It’s because there is no better refreshing cocktail to serve at a summer Modern Jewish Wedding. Mojitos are a traditional Cuban cocktail made with rum, muddled mint, sugar, lime and soda water or tonic, Here are just a few of the many inventive ways you can enjoy this fabulous cocktail….

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