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Chag Semach Purim I often refer to the holiday of Purim as the Jewish Halloween.  For those of you who don’t know, Halloween is my birthday and my favorite secular holiday (obviously).  Placing Purim on the same level, is a high complement to Purim and sets the celebration bar pretty high. Here at Modern Jewish Wedding offices we’re going all in on the holiday.  Not that we need an excuse to throw a shin-dig around…

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Let’s Celebrate Purim There isn’t a Jewish holiday that’s more fit for a par-tee than Purim. Can you think of any other holiday (religious or secular) where you are actually encouraged to drink until everything is upside down? We say Chag Purim (loosely translated as Happy Purim)!  We eat (what Jewish holiday do we not eat?), we drink, we dress up, make noise and have an all around good time! Kind of sounds like I’m…


That means Happy Purim! I just learned that one this past weekend.  Which is why all my Purim cards simply say “Chag Purim!”  #fail.  Oh well, Purim is the holiday where we are told to drink until we are confused.  Clearly, for me that is not a challenge. If any Jewish Holiday, screams Party at the top of its lungs (of course, you have to scream to be heard over all the groggers) it is…


Have you heard Purim is coming? I have to admit, I haven’t been this excited about Purim since I was a kid dressing up during religious school. But, this year The Modern Jewish Wedding is really going all out to celebrate the holiday.  Not that we need an excuse to throw a shin-dig around here, but Purim seems like a good one. Yesterday, we had a Purim refresher course (and a Hamantaschen recipe) from Chef…


Colorful Interfaith Wedding in Bumper Car Pavilion! Yesterday, was Purim and we can’t think of a wedding more appropriate to celebrate on Purim than one held in a bumper car pavilion! Yes, you read that correctly.  Rosie & Rachel got married in the bumper car pavilion at Glen Echo Park.  While everyone went to take a carousel ride after the ceremony, the pavilion was set up for the reception. The Modern Interfaith Wedding Details: They…

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