Editors Note:  This article appears today on the JWI website.  JWI is one of my favorite magazines I heartily recommend a subscription not just for every Modern Jewish Bride, but also for every Modern Jewish Woman! 7 Ways to Make Shavuot Personal Try these creative strategies for adding spirituality, meaning and beauty to your holiday experience. By Aviva Norman Aviva Norman, a senior at Michigan State University, is a summer intern at Jewish Women International….


When your life is centered around special events and weddings–there is always a reason to celebrate! Today, the reason everyone is having a party is Bastille Day!  Bastille Day is French National Day commemorating the storming of the Bastille prison, a symbol of the revolution of the modern nation.  In Paris, the day starts, how else?  With a Military Parade!  The day continues with the white picnic (you have to see the pictures) at Versailles…


Making Memories is gearing up for the 2011 Brides Against Breast Cancer Nationwide Tour of Gowns. They will be visiting 25+ cities across the country.  Starting with Washington D.C. tomorrow, June 17. This is an amazing opportunity for any Modern Jewish Bride (actually for all brides) to infuse a bit of Tzedakah into their wedding and get a NEW designer wedding gown at a remarkable price.  (This is NOT like the warehouse sales where brides…


A friend, Julie Lara, whose business it is to “help busy professionals take their careers and lives to the next level by making important changes in their appearance, behavior and communication skills,” made a post on Facebook about National Etiquette Week.  It reminded me of earlier this summer when I was lucky enough to enjoy Step-Mom night out twice in one week.  Both evenings, my enjoyment was slightly hampered by a rude guest!  One night…


It’s Friday afternoon.  And, as I do at this time every week (there’s a lot to be said for routine) I sat down to read about the Torah portion for this Shabbat.  I am reform and the site I usually go to for this quick study (literally called, “10 Minutes of Torah”) is the Union for Reform Judaism. This week’s portion is the end of Leviticus (which as I mentioned in passing last Friday is…

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