Chicago Urban Loft Modern Jewish Wedding in Revel Fulton Market

The Modern Jewish Wedding Details

Eric and Rebecca’s Chic Modern Jewish Wedding included a candlelit ceremony around the chuppah, incredible details and a huge band in downtown Chicago, IL.

We are lovin’ the couple’s vibe.  Starting with their super cool hospitality bags and invitations.  Rebecca chose a short and simple wedding dress which looked fabulous with her ladies’ short blue dresses.  And, of course we love the Jimmy Choo Shoes.

The ceremony was done by candlelight around a steel supported chuppah while the wedding party sat on chairs behind the couple.  The photos are spectacular.  We have to say, we’ve never seen anything quite like it.

The urban motif was carried over into the reception with the barnyard tables and the gray linens.  Of course we love chevron–so, the table runners are one of our favorite details.

But, really, we’re stoked about the three different food stations: Italian, Tacos and Good Old Fashioned Grilled Cheese & Soup!  O.M.G. Delicious!  Following a meal like that, one dessert just would not do.  Rebecca & Eric did not disappoint.  There was a wedding cake and three different mini-pies to choose from–we do love a good pie station! 

Mazel Tov Rebecca & Eric

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Vendor Resources: Photographer:  Candice C. Cusic Photography//Event Planner: Liven It Up Events//Event Designer: Revel Decor Inc//Event Venue: Revel Fulton Market//Caterer: Limelight

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