Elegant Modern Jewish Wedding at Greystone Hall in Pennsylvania

The Modern Jewish Wedding Details

Pam and Jim’s wedding was like a fairy tale. Both the ceremony and reception took place at the historic Greystone Hall in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Greystone Hall is a stately mansion at the center of an English style country estate and, “Stands today as a living monument of the era of great American mansion building from the Gilded Age to the 1920’s.”

Pam asked 4 of her best guy friends to stand by her on her wedding day. The “bridesmen” took their job very seriously wearing matching robes for the getting ready and formal kilts during the reception.

The colors were blush pink, black, and gold. The two had several elegant details including the hand painted invitations and a new addition to a dessert bar we hadn’t seen before a crepe station (potentially messy but totally yummy). And, who can complain about an interactive sushi station?

The evening ended with a New Orleans style Second Line sendoff from the band.

From their own wedding website here is their story:

In their freshman year at Hofstra University, destiny brought Pam, a Jewish hippie from Delaware, and Jim, a tall Irish city boy from Philadelphia, together. They were assigned to their suites in Tilburg Hall and as moving day concluded, Pam said to her saucy suite-mates, “Let’s go meet the neighbors!” Lo and behold, who should answer the door, but Jim of course! After schmoozing the ladies, Jim closed his door and said to his raucous roommates, “One of us is definitely going to *hold hands with* one of them!” While that prophecy did not come true as soon as young Jimmy imagined, it would eventually transpire in their senior year.

Now, in the mean time, Pam and Jim both declared the exact same double major of English literature and Philosophy, signed up for many of the same classes, became all-stars of the Hofstra Ultimate Frisbee team, and quickly became fast friends. When Pam studied abroad at Oxford, Jim even went to visit her, because he “likes to travel” (uh-huh).

By the time senior year finally rolled-around, Pam and Jim were spending a lot of time together! Little did she know it, but that Valentines Day Jim planned to make his move. After planning and pulling off a smashing fancy dress party, Jim told Pam in the stairwell of C-Square how he felt. After a quick weekend of overcoming obstacles, Jim and Pam finally held hands.

How We Started Our Lives Together and Got Engaged…

After Pam finished her thesis and moved back home, the two love birds decided that it was time to fly the nest. They moved in together in Philly, an easy choice and one they have loved ever since!

Jim and Pam’s first apartment together was huge and luxurious… just kidding, it was tiny and sweet and filled with love. They waited tables in some of Philly’s finest restaurants while they each decided what to do with their lives. Jim decided to go to Temple Law School, they decided together to get a bigger apartment to fill with more love, and Pam decided to become an Art Therapist.

After dating for seven years, and after Pam finished her second thesis, Jim knew the time was right to pop the question. Jim had asked Pam a lot of questions over the eleven years they had known each other, but this was the big one. The down-on-one-knee, heart-pounding, palm-sweating, put-a-ring-on-it, question! So Jim brought Pam back to their tiny, sweet, love-filled apartment, where six years ago he had carved their initials in the sidewalk, and on that spot he got down on one knee, and with his heart pounding and palms sweating, Jim asked Pam to be his wife. Always the lady, Pam threw her umbrella, screamed “OH MY GOD! YESSSS!” at the top of her lungs and Jim put a ring on it!

They drank champagne and ate sushi and here we are today, celebrating the beautiful years that have already passed and those that are yet to come.

Mazel Tov Pam & Jim

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Vendor Resources: Photographer:  Christie Green Photography//Event Planner: Secretariat Events//Reception Venue: Greystone Hall//Floral Designer: Robertson’s Flowers & Events//Caterer: Ala Carte Catering/Bakery: L’Estis Desserts//Dress Designer: Modern Trousseau///Dress Store: Jennifer’s Bridal//Beauty: Gloss in the City

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