Get Your Grill On!

Memorial day weekend mentally marks the start of summer!  The end of school, swimming, summer camp, vacations, fireworks and the lazy hazy days of summer loom ahead of us with expectancy.  Usually, a wedding being officiated by a Jewish clergy has signaled the start of wedding season.  (A weekend with a Monday off is always a blessing for a couple who wants a Sunday wedding with a reception that goes all night!)  What better way to celebrate then by Gettin’ Your Grill On!

Here the Hostess with the Mostess shows us what a fun way to wrap up the weekend wedding then with a make your own hot dog bar!

Warning–these pictures contain tref!  I’ve identified ways you can modify this fabulous Grillin’ Party to meet liberal kosher standards!*

Hostess uses all beef Ballpark Franks!  She chose 4 regional favorites to display here: Texas Chili Dog, Carolina Hot Dog, L.A. West Coast Dog, and D.C. Monumental Dog. You can download the themed printables for each of these recipes on her website right here.

*Don’t want to mix your meat and milk–easy, don’t offer cheese as a topping!  No one will even notice!  Don’t want to serve bacon–substitute the Detroit Coney Dog  for the L.A.West Coast Dog!

Provide the hot dog buns and lots of different toppings and spreads. Then let guests have fun choosing their own toppings and making their own gourmet dogs.  Hostess even give us her party decor secrets and her lemonade recipe (for the Bar/Bar Mitzvah crowd)!

My favorite are the corn chips holding the bbq corn skewers! *(Fritos original corn chips are certified Kosher!)

Want to add the next big trend to the fun–consider a tater tot bar! You can use the same toppings (ketchup, mayonnaise, peppers, jalapenos) and add applesauce and sour cream a la potato latkesShem!  You have yourself a nice twist on the popular smashed potato bar perfect for the casual atmosphere of a backyard party or reception.

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