Sukkot the Modern Jewish Wedding Way

The Sukkot Celebration Details

I love Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday of the year.  I even had a Thanksgiving themed wedding.

Therefore, it would translate that Sukkot (AKA the Jewish version of Thanksgiving) is a favorite Jewish holiday.  (Plus, it means my Halloween birthday is not far behind.)


But, Sukkot can feel like a hard holiday to celebrate.

The holiday begins just a few short days after Yom Kippur.  We already feel as if we’ve been “Doing Jewish” for an entire month?  It involves a hammer, nails, a glue gun and some creativity.  And, at least here in Texas, it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet–in fact, it is still pretty hot and summer like.

If building your own sukkah doesn’t seem like a practical option. I have been told, the pre-fab sukkah kits are not as difficult to put together as IKEA furniture?  I think the more practical option is to attend Congregational Sukkot Dinners, go to friends’ Sukkot Celebration or at very least shake the lulov & etrog.

Although, one of the lesser celebrated holidays here in the United States, in Israel it is one of the most popular.

The holiday is marked with the building of an outdoor sukkah (literally meaning a “booth”. The sukkot (plural for sukkah) are adorned with decoration. Great fun for the children. Then everyone eats and sleeps in the temporary shelter. It is a time when family and friends visit one another, dining in each other’s sukkah.

Godcast’s Sukkot video is a good one to help explain the holiday of booths.

There is also the shaking of the lulav & etrog!

Don’t know what I mean? Just watch this video!

See how much fun getting on your own shake can be?

Chag Sukkot!


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