How to Create Hospitality Bags for Your Guests

Do you want to welcome your out of town friends and family to your simcha in a personalized way? MJW gives you the tips you need to create a personalized hospitality bag for all of your guests!

hospitality bags from works on paper
We always start with Favors You Keep to order our bags from their exclusive Jewish designs or city skylines in the colors of  the weekend.

Then gather the items for the bag. This can usually be accomplished with a single trip to Costco! Here’s a good idea of what you want:

  • Something sweet! Candy kisses, personalized or specific color M & M’s or personalized chocolate bars are always good for this. In the video, we chose to use Godiva chocolates in four different flavors–so, each bag got one of each!
  • Something salty! A bag of pretzels. Goldfish or chips could be used here.
  • At least one breakfast item. In the example we used local personalized and homemade jam! You can go much simpler with just an individual cereal box or breakfast bar.
  • Always include gum and lip balm! (People are going to be meeting new friends and greeting family all weekend long!) Lots of Kissing! A small bottle of hand sanitizer is also good to include.
  • Bottled water is great! After you arrive from the long plane, train or automobile ride a bottle of water when you get to the front desk is a huge treat! Works on Paper does personalized water labels!
  • Then, it’s always fun to include something from the local scene. In this case a Texas Longhorn paper coaster!

reel popcorn austin taster bags


Our sister site, The Modern Jewish Mitzvah is famous for certain items which are always included in Michele’s hospitality bags:  Reel Popcorn in the colors of the weekend (that way they match the bag) and AustinNuts (which happen to be certified Kosher). Both of these companies will ship nationwide.


hospitality bag

Don’t forget to welcome your guests with a note and a personalized itinerary of the official simcha activities!

Finish it off with tissue paper and ribbon and you’ve got yourself a winning way to welcome your guests!

Watch the whole process in action!



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