Jewish Wedding Dress Trends? What do you want to know?

Jewish Wedding Dress Trends for the Spring of 2012!

Guest Post Written By, Julie Lara, AICI FLC,  Certified Image and Wardrobe Consultant

In May I’ll celebrate my 18th wedding anniversary and I can still clearly remember my wedding day, how I felt taking my vows and my beautiful dress.  As I reviewed all the trends for this season, I began thinking that maybe it’s time for me to renew my vows just so I can buy another gorgeous dress!

My favorite wedding dress trends for spring 2012 are the illusion neckline, two tier skirt, horsehair trim, the new blush color and lace sleeves.  Here are a few tips for selecting the trend that will look great on you.

Illusion necklines are a good way to reveal a beautiful décolletage without feeling completely exposed.

An illusion neckline is created by using a sheer, delicate fabric which overlays the solid part of the dress and covers skin that would normally be exposed. This is an excellent option for women with very wide shoulders since the sheer fabric softens the shoulder line creating a very feminine look. It’s also a good compromise for mothers and daughters who may disagree about how much cleavage to reveal on that special day.

(Editor’s note:  The dress on the right is a great example of a modest or more traditional Jewish wedding dress.) 

jewish wedding dressjewish wedding dress

Wedding dresses with a two tier skirt are a fresh, modern twist that can be lovely on the right body shape.  Of the two photos shown here, the most flattering by far is the strapless gown because the skirt is loose and falls away from the body, a stylish way to camouflaging wide hips. The other gown is gathered just under the hips and would be most flattering on someone very tall and thin.

jewish wedding dressjewish wedding dress

Horsehair is another popular trend this spring but it really isn’t anything new.  Horsehair braid has been used since the 1800s in the hemlines of wedding dresses and it was in fact made from actual horsehair woven into cotton fibers. Today though, horsehair refers to a stiff nylon fabric often used in the underskirts of wedding gowns to create a clean, crisp shape. This season designers are using this fabric to create looped sashes and bodice details, adding more dimension and texture to the gowns.

jewish wedding dress

In recent years we’ve seen color creeping into some wedding gown designs but for the most part it’s been a fringe trend for less traditional brides seeking something completely different.  This season however, one color is becoming very popular and it’s the blush shade that appeared on runways everywhere.  From pale pink to slightly peachy hues, the dresses are lovely and complement most skin tones.

jewish wedding dress

And finally, my favorite trend is the lace sleeve which has been so popular since Kate Middleton’s wedding.  Strapless, sleeveless gowns have always been very popular with brides and yet they’re often unflattering for some plus size and petite women, very busty women and those with wide shoulders. Adding a lace sleeve or sheer sleeve to a strapless gown gives a petite woman more presence and stature, balancing her upper and lower body.  Lace and sheer sleeves soften the appearance of wider shoulders and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a wedding gown.

jewish wedding dressjewish wedding dress

I encourage you to be brave when selecting your gown and try on a variety of trends and styles. Something that doesn’t seem to be your style when you see it on the hangar may surprise you once you’re wearing it!  Most importantly, enjoy the process and have fun shopping for that perfect dress for your perfect day.

Want more on the trend of sleeves for your Jewish wedding dress?  Click here for our Year of the Sleeve Article!

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