Jewish Wedding Rings: What Are The Traditions for the Wedding Ceremony?

Jewish Wedding Rings: What Are The Traditions?

Earlier this week, we discussed how to find the perfect Jewish wedding rings!  Today, here are some of the customs associated with the use of the Jewish wedding rings in the ceremony.

Should your Jewish wedding rings have Bling?

There is a really beautiful tradition where the ring exchange consists of a simple, gold wedding band. Tradition says that smooth rings would portend an untroubled life. The continuity of the Jewish wedding rings represents the hope for an everlasting marriage.

Jewish Wedding Ring Finger?

In a wedding ring ceremony, the groom places the Jewish wedding ring on the right index finger.  Its artery is the closest bloodline to the heart of all your fingers!  Another interpretation states the right index finger (if you are counting from your left pinky) is the seventh finger correlating to  the seven days of creation of the world.

Once the ceremony ends, in Yihud, the bride moves her Jewish wedding ring to the more well known ring finger.  Displaying for all to see that her search for her beshert is now complete.  Some brides will chose to keep the ring used during the wedding ceremony on the right index finger to wear all the time.

Jewish Wedding Rings:  Gold or Silver?

Gold is the traditional choice as it widely considered being the most valuable metal. Silver is gaining popularity, but gold has long reigned supreme.  Tradition states that whatever material the ring is made out of, it needs to be easily identifiable. By placing emphasis on your ring, you are placing great emphasis on your marriage.

Should your Jewish wedding rings be Borrowed?

Another tradition is the passing down of an heirloom to the groom to give to his beloved. It should never be borrowed, (Ahh! The horror!) and should always be given to the groom in special request that he betroth this to his wife.

 jewish wedding rings

With so many Jewish laws, customs and traditions, even when it comes to Jewish wedding rings, it’s hard to keep track!

That’s why the Modern Jewish Wedding is here to help!  Leave a comment and let us know what question we can answer for you in a future post?

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