Mackinac Island Modern Jewish Destination Wedding

The Modern Jewish Wedding Details

This is the wedding you have when your father has been an event designer for more than 40 years.  A trendy color palette of yellow and gray, a fabulous destination (the same one in the movie, “Somewhere in Time”), fabulous stationery and a wedding dress to squeal over.  Total fabulous-ness, which after five years of having a long-distance relationship this couple deserved.

Lori-Jene and Matthew met doing volunteer work.  Matthew moved to Nashville, TN  for the summer to do an entertainment legal internship.  He moved the week of the 2010 major flood.  With both of their offices under water they each went to do volunteer work with Hands on Nashville and each picked the same house, out of thousands, to clean up.

When Matthew walked up to a house underwater and saw Lori-Jene, he instantly fell in love.

I walked up to Matthew and said ‘You look strong, lift this fish tank.’ Smiles and a tetanus shot came after our first meeting.”

On their second date Lori-Jene took Matthew to a horse farm. Lori-Jene said the horse farm was her “place of peace in Nashville.” She noted that she would come there on bad days and watch the sunset. Matthew knew that day that he would someday ask Lori-Jene to marry him there.

The two spent the whole summer together. They even Google chatted while they were at their respective jobs. The two managed to maintain their long distance relationship by seeing each other every two weeks.  Matt put 45,000 miles on his car visiting Lori-Jene and Lori-Jene added thousands of frequent flier miles to fly and see Matthew.

When Lori-Jene got offered a residency in Detroit and was able to move she and Matthew lived in his parents’ basement.  Then, ironically Matt got offered a temp job at a big agency in Nashville so he went down to Nashville, while Lori-Jene stayed in Michigan.  Then Matthew came back home and worked in Michigan until Lori-Jene’s residency was over. Lori-Jene then got a job back in Nashville so Matt followed.

Matt knew he wanted to propose when he and Lori-Jene were living in the same place for at least a year. Five years later and several thousand miles of travel Matthew knew he was ready to ask. He made a giant four part window collage. Each frame in the window represented a year in the couple’s relationship. Matthew left a note for Lori-Jene, on her birthday, to “meet him at her place of peace.” Matthew set up the window, got champagne and glasses, flowers and put out a picnic towards sunset. Lori-Jene showed up right at sunset and Matthew put his Great Grandmother’s ring (100 year old ring) on her and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.

Lori-Jene and Matthew have a lot of friends. They could have easily invited two or three-hundred people to their wedding, but they were completely set on having a small wedding where they could dance, eat and talk to every guest.

A year before their wedding, Matthew and Lori-Jene went to Mackinac Island, MI. There are no cars allowed on the Island.  Everyone there either bikes, hikes or takes a carriage ride.  Lori-Jene knew she wanted to get married there.  Matthew’s father, a wedding planner and floral and stationery designer had plenty of ideas.  But the two also used Pinterest and their own heart felt ideas.

They used a lot of bicycles and bright sunshine floral patterns because they got married outside with beautiful natural flowers outside and clean and clear bright blue water. Matthew and Lori-Jene picked yellow and gray for their wedding colors because they really just liked the bright sun shining colors. They loved the Mackinac Island Bridge design because it was viewable from their wedding venue.  They gave every guest a gift bag with the bridge on it. In the bag were all Michigan-made products, such as Faygo, Michigan Cherries, Kelloggs, Fudge, Sanders, and many other Michigan staples.

They picked the ceremony and reception venue because it was surrounded by beautiful flowers. It was perfect for a wedding of 80 people. Matthew and Lori-Jene’s favorite part of the wedding was their first dance to “Maybe I’m Amazed,” by Paul McCartney (The two spent Matt’s last night in Nashville that first summer at a Paul McCartney concert.).

Matthew and Lori-Jene were grateful that every family member and friend from both sides were dancing, smiling and sharing stories. It was truly a perfect day for them.

Mazel Tov Lori-Jene & Matthew

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Vendor Resources: Photographer:  BTW Photography//Caterer: Mission Point Resort//Event Venue: Mission Point Resort//Floral Designer: Top That! Event//Invitation Designer: Top That! Event//Event Designer: Top That! Event//Dress Designer: Sophia Tolli//Cupcake Designer: TasTCreations//Hair Stylist: 7th Heaven Salon and Spa at Mission Point Resort

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