Modern Jewish Wedding Celebrates Chanukah, Chanukkah, Hanukkah or Hanukah?

However you spell it here are our 8 Tips to have “8 Crazy Nights!”

Bring on the Latkes & Vodkas (and don’t forget the doughnuts)!

By night 3 traditional fried latkes and the sour cream vs. applesauce debate can get a bit tiresome.  So, why not spice it up a little.  Literally!  Anjali from Perfect Morsel created Spiced Latkes with Cilantro & Mint Chutney fusing together her spiced Indian food heritage and her husband’s traditional bubbe’s latkes.

spiced latkes from perfect morsel

If heat is to much for you, experiment with sweet potatoes, zucchini carrots or with mascarpone and apple a la Executive Chef Missy Robbins.

Did you know Vodka is made of potatoes?  Alright, well not today.  But, in Eastern Europe potatoes were the easiest grain to find, so, when fermented it turned into vodka.  Get out those shot glasses and do add a vodka tasting to pair with those latkes.  It’s a great way to mix Sephardic and Ashkenasic traditions.

Doughnuts.  Need I say more?

chanukkah donut bar

Light it up

Why should everyone stand around a single Menorah?  Lighting one candle per night is nice.  Lighting multiple menorahs is even better.  Tell your friends to bring their own Chanukkiah to the table for your pot luck entertaining and let everyone light up the night.

chanukkah menorah

Ugly Sweater Party—Why, Yes, I’ll be there.

Who says only Ugly Christmas Sweaters get to have all the fun parties? Buzzfeed has a whole collection of sweaters to wear to your next Chanukkah party.  Tell me these don’t scream Ugly Chanukkah?



I really don’t know why every December I want to make a gingerbread house —I can’t bake and I have no coordination for the detail work.  I guess the smell of gingerbread baking and hot chocolate with whip cream in my mug make me feel warm and cozy.  That’s why when Manischevitz developed this Chanukkah holiday activity I went all in.

chanukkah baking_what jew wanna eat

Dreidel, Smeidel!

Let’s face it, gambling for chocolate coins is tasty.  But, Mama always needs a new pair of shoes.  This year you can up the ante with No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Dreidel .  For an adults over 21 only Chanukah party, with designated drivers in place, you can try one of the 8 Drinking Games of Chanukah available.


Add sanity to the shopping madness

It’s dangerous to head out into the shopping wilderness without a map. Before you hit the final shopping days before Chrismakuah, make a list and check it twice.  While you’re in Excel creating that list, set a budget for how much you want to spend total and/or per person.

I happen to love Rosyln Hoffman’s advice written in JMag three years ago.  It’s still applicable today.

Consider any or all of the following: Limit your gift giving to those under 18, set a one-gift-per-person limit by assigning gift buddies or putting a cap on the amount spent per gift. If you’re a logistical genius, use this as an opportunity for the entire extended family to do a tzedekah project together: Go to a retirement home or a shelter and help make and serve a meal, read books, listen to stories or distribute gifts. Then come home and have your own family party!”

Card Control

It’s the cards that get me every year.  I order them from Modern Tribe, start early and then by the time I get my act in gear it’s time to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  This gets cumbersome when you have personal friends, family and business associates all on one list.  Need a solution?  Try Send Out Cards or Postable.

Get Engaged!

Well, that’s one way to spice up your Chanukkah!

80% of American couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.  Chanukkah falls smack dab in the middle of high engagement season.  If your beshert is waiting for you to pop the question—there is no time like the present.  (And, it does make for quite a present.)

Check out Alyssa & Jonathon’s story which won our very first holiday engagement contest and won them their own Ketubah from

modern jewish engagement couple #3

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