Modern Jewish Wedding Celebrates National S’mores Day

Modern Jewish Wedding never misses an excuse to eat dessert!

Every year on the 2nd Thursday of August we celebrate one of my favorite desserts–the s’more

I know I fashion myself to be Carriesque.  And, Carrie had her issues with the outdoors.  Understandably so.  She opined to Aiden, “A chipmunk is just a rat in a cuter costume!”

But, there is something about the s’more that reminds me of the outdoors country or Jewish summer camp:  the fabulous smell of a campfire, roasting marshmallows and singing James Taylor songs, melted chocolate, messy hands and childhood memories.  The

The s’more is a feel good dessert (and tasty too).

modern jewish wedding celebrates national smore day

S’mores: graham wafer crackers with melted marshmallows and chocolate. This camping favorite is prepared over an open flame and makes a great treat.


Lately, the s’more has taken on some upgrades that make it a worthy wedding dessert.  We even have a Pinterest Board dedicated to the satisfying dessert which can be used at every kind of Modern Jewish Wedding from Chic to Elegant and everything in between–they’re even Kosher so you Classic Modern Jewish Brides can take part too.

Here are just a few ways you can have your S’more & eat it too (without worrying about getting your white dress all messy) at your Modern Jewish Wedding. 


There’s plenty more where these came from:

Buzzfeed’s 19 S’more recipes that will change your life

Huffington Post’s 40 40 S’mores recipes you need right now

Nabisco’s Honey Maid S’mores

Want S’more?

Here are just a few fun facts from Foodimentary





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