Monday Morning Inspiration: The Modern Jewish Groomsmen

How to Choose a Gift for the Men in Your Wedding Party

modern jewish wedding bride with groomsmen

Say Thank You to the special bros in your Modern Jewish Wedding.

Score Some Tickets!

What could be better than surprising the men in your life with 50 yard line tickets to an upcoming game? No sports teams in town?  What about tickets to see a favorite band? You won’t have to get sentimental or emotional.  Just hand out the tickets and thank all the guys for being your guys.

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Personalization Knocks it Outside the Park

There are thousands of gifts you can have personalized!  Choose something meaningful for the dudes.

groomsmen gift_austin texas real wedding

Why not get them each an engraved watch personalized with his name and your wedding date? You can find personalized gifts for the outdoors man, sports fan and for a variety of other hobbies and pastimes.

Touch-down Out of Town!  

After you get married, there may be less time for your husband to spend with his your best buddies. Why not plan a special guys trip? Vegas, Cooperstown or the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame can all be fun boys only trips before the big day? If this type of gift is out of the question money-wise, consider a smaller day out golfing, going to your favorite bar or just shooting some hoops and watching the game.

modern jewish wedding groomsmen

Hit the Bulls-Eye with Something Special

Look for a gift that is unique. It might be a Gentleman’s Leisure Pack, which includes a compact flask, cigar holder and cigar cutter for around $65. Another unique idea is a personalized koozie, which will cost around $25. Or even a sterling silver USB key chain which will run around $50.

groomsmen swag_jewish wedding

You can be sharp & let your men know how just much you appreciate them!

Ideas for this content came from The Man Registry.

Thanks to:  Two Bright Lights, Michael Novo PhotographySilver Gecko Photography & Design,   Sur La Lune PhotographyRobert Holley Productions, & John Cain Photography from Engage!14  for the images you see in this article. 

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