Passover and Spring Time

I don’t cook!  No, I mean I really don’t cook.  (Even my crock pot attempts have not been overly successful–but, more on that later!)

So, on Monday while most of my friends and family were busy in kitchens preparing the festive meal for first night of Passover.  I was performing my own Passover ritual–spring cleaning.  It began with an early spin class (since I would be missing my traditional Monday evening step with the incredible Tracy); continued on with a trip to Goodwill, following a bit of a closet clean out; cleaned off my desk; wrote some overdue thank you notes.  You get the picture.  It felt so good to be organized and productive.  Like I was coming out of winter hibernation.

It wasn’t until I stumbled across this article by Leah Koenig, that I realized I was performing the ultimate Passover ritual–cleaning out my Hametz.  Hametz traditionally refers to products containing leven which are not eaten during the Passover holiday.  She writes, “Removing hametz from our homes can also remind us to get rid of the excess “stuff” clogging up our lives–to liberate ourselves from any emotional or spiritual baggage from the year, and send bad habits packing.”  Wow!  What a concept.

One of my favorite people, especially on Twitter, Lorie Morello (@clutterdiet) created The Clutter Diet as a way to help in the organization process.  For example, her video post about how to get control of your remote controls.  Again, What a concept.  I’m hooked.  Another one of my favs Maura Thomas (@mnthomas), of Regain Your Time, gives tools and tips on becoming more productive and getting the most out of each day.  (Like I did on Monday–including writing my favorite post thus far!)

So, since we won’t be celebrating any Jewish weddings for the next 49 days, with the exception of Lag B’Omer (which will be explained in the coming days and weeks).  Why not celebrate the season of spring?

Do you have any spring time rituals?  Share them here!

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