Shabbat shalom: Family Time is the Best Time

I can’t help it. It’s December 20, pretty much the last real day of work before the holiday week starts, and all I can think about are our Christmas Day plans.

Christmas isn’t our holiday, but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating a day (or sometimes two) off of work and enjoying some needed rest and family time. And I’ll admit it, we’re pretty stereotypical. We get up late, we eat some bagels and schmear, we decide which movie we’re going to see, and then we work out which Chinese restaurant is least likely to be mobbed. And when I’m with my husband’s family we do something else: play games.

During the day it’s all video games and comic book heroes and villains with the nephews. But when it’s the adults turn, it’s all about Scrabble, Guillotine, and Apples to Apples. We lounge around in our PJs eating Ruth Schram’s Cookies (that’s what the recipe card says, anyway) or popcorn and try in vain to beat my brother-in-law, who is some kind of board/word/card game savant.

Last year we did our game night over New Year’s and we got turned on to a new word game, Bananagrams. It’s kind of like a crazy speed version of Scrabble. We haven’t added it to our arsenal yet, but it’s coming soon. The other game that I’m desperate to play came out sometime in 2012 and it’s aptly named Cards Against Humanity because it’s evidently as “despicable and awkward” as you and your friends are. Some have called it a down-and-dirty version of Apples to Apples, for what that’s worth! My husband continues, in vain, to try to get me to play what I’ll call swords and magic games, like Settlers of Catan or Pathfinder. I’m not going there yet.

At this time of year we all have traditions and holidays that mean the world to us, but I think the tradition that means the most to all of us is getting to spend fun time with our loved ones. That is, until one of them gets a triple word score using the Q and Z.

With best wishes for some wonderful family time as the year comes to a close!

This couple is totally into the spirit of games, having created a custom Mad Lib for their wedding guests to play!

Photo by Allison Kortokrax of Korto Photography

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