Spotlight On Oren Loloi Of Papercuts By Oren

We love a good papercut Ketubah!

Who wouldn’t?  They’re a work of art.  As every Ketubah should be.  We first fell in love with Oren and his papercut Ketubot a while back.  But, according to him, just after Passover is the “big season” for picking out Ketubot.  So, we figured it’s time for a revisit.

Here is our Q & A with him.  (Along with some eye candy of his designs.)

MJW: What advice do you give to couples when selecting their Ketubah?

Oren: No two people have the same aesthetic tastes, so it’s very difficult to give advice on how to select a design. However, I do have another piece of advice that is a lot more concrete. Although design choices are extremely personal matters, the size and shape of the ketubah is very important to consider. What size is to big? What size is too small? Is there space on the wall that can accommodate larger sizes? Will a particular shape and size look proportionately correct next to other things hanging next to it? This is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle.

papercut ketubah by oren

MJW: What sets your Ketubot apart from the others?

Oren:  The thing that sets my ketubah designs apart, in my opinion, is that each one starts as a drawing in my sketchbook and is handmade by me. A lot of the designs one might find while searching for a ketubah are generic. They might be based on clip art. And more often than not they are mass manufactured. I take pride in that every ketubah I sell comes directly from me. I make them from creation to completion. I don’t sell laser cuts, which is what is commonly passed for a papercut. My ketubahs don’t have the typical scorch marks and stair step look of factory made laser cuts because I make each one individually to order.

ketubah papercuts by oren

MJW:  What’s the starting price for a personalized Papercut Ketubah by Oren?

Oren:  My starting price point is in the $300 range and goes up from there.

MJW:  How long does it take to craft one of your Ketubah?

Oren:  The physical cutting of a ketubah might take anywhere between 10 and 40 hours depending on the size and complexity of the design. This doesn’t even take into account the design stage which can take weeks.

papercut ketubah

MJW: What’s your favorite part of your job?

Oren: I enjoy my work immensely. Cutting paper is not for everyone. Some find it tedious and boring work, but I get lost in it. It requires complete concentration and puts me in a quiet state of mind. My head is completely clear while I’m working. My favorite part of what I do, though, is when couples contact me to let me know how much they love their ketubah.

MJW: What’s your favorite Jewish holiday?

Oren: My favorite Jewish holiday is Purim because it is so much fun. This year’s Purim was extra special because I got to celebrate it for the first time with my newborn son. Dressing a baby up for Purim is a joy beyond words.

MJW: What’s your favorite “Jewish food?

Oren: I have to admit that I really enjoy a corned beef sandwich from a good kosher deli. You would think that living in Israel it would be easy to find one, but alas, it is something one can really only get in New York

MJW: What’s your favorite Jewish Wedding tradition?

Oren: Although I should say that the signing of the ketubah is my favorite tradition for obvious reasons, the truth is that the highlight of a Jewish wedding for me is when the bride and groom enter the room as a married couple for the first time right into a Hora circle and get lifted up on chairs. It is a moment of pure happiness.

jubilee ketubah by oren

If you’re an engaged couple you can see Oren’s work at or in his etsy shop at or send him an email at to inquire about custom orders.

Make sure to order at least two months before the wedding, if not earlier. The process can take a long time, and a big mistake couples make is to leave the ketubah for the last minute.

P.S. Check our our engagement story contest and you could win a ketubah.
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