Just this past Monday we told you about National Ice Cream month.  Now, we’re giving you the best Happy Hour E-VER! Honestly, ladies, given a choice at Happy Hour if you could have a margarita or a decadent Hot Fudge Sundae which would you choose?  Today, you get a free pass and a good excuse to enjoy all the chocolaty goodness you want. It’s National Hot Fudge Sundae Day. There’s something about the one big…


Most of you already know how much I adore Amy Atlas, but until yesterday it was from afar, following her blog, tweets, facebook and Pinterest!  However, yesterday she visited Austin as a part of her Williams-Sonoma sponsored Book Tour for her new book “Sweet Designs,” and I got to meet the object of my affection!  She did not disappoint!  It was such a treat to meet a person whose work is amazing and find her…


Everyone who knows me (and even lots of people who don’t) has heard me talk of Amy Atlas!  I am her biggest fan!  No, seriously, I really am!  Not the scary stalker type of fan–the I’m really starstruck by her talent kind of fan!  I want to be her when I grow up! Her Thanksgiving dessert bar was the inspiration for my wedding decor & it was a centerpiece of my wedding reception!   I…

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Use a planner -  and not just a professional wedding planner! Believe it or not, you don't need to hire a wedding planner, as long as you stay organized and have the right inspiration.
Our Modern Jewish Wedding Planner is full of tips for planning your big day, as well as worksheets, calendars, and tons of other ways to stay on top of everything. It can drastically cut down on stress, and will give you peace of mind when planning.
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