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The Modern Jewish Wedding Details Stuck in the middle of winter snow?  What better way to recover then to sit down with your java, cuddle up with ipad and mosey through what winter looks like in Florida.  More specifically, what a winter Modern Jewish Wedding looks like. It’s got lots of bright blues punctuated with a soft gray and a brown neutral.  Tons of blue orchids and blooming white roses with a chuppah decor to…

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The Modern Jewish Wedding Details Jessica and Mark’s wedding took place on Jessica’s family farm and was the perfect combination of a Traditional, Outdoorsy, Modern Jewish Wedding.  They describe the style of their wedding as, “silk dresses and bare feet.”Jessica explains, We knew we were going to have a Jewish wedding, and that meant (for us) a traditional wedding. But even when you are having a traditional wedding, it is important to think about the…

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The Modern Interfaith Wedding Details Jeremy and I were two busy people living and working in Dallas, TX. We lived less than a mile away from each other, but never would have met if it weren’t for the wonders of online dating. We met for our first date at a neighborhood pub, the Old Monk, and we instantly connected. Jeremy was so perfect for me, that he happened to be the first and last date…

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The Modern Interfaith Wedding Details We’ve been all about wedding inspiration that comes from the movies, well with the opening of the long anticipated sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding this past weekend, it was a natural.  Today’s Real Modern Interfaith Wedding is inspired by the favorite office Disney princess (and movie)–Cinderella. The website for Benvenuto, today’s wedding venue, plays “I can show you the world,” the song from Aladdin. Coincidence there is Disney…

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The Modern Jewish Wedding Details The spring pantone guide for 2016 is out and there’s two hues of blue.  Bride Amanda managed to use both a pastel blue in her flowers and her vibrant blue shoes matched the tie on Groom Alex.  There were even used blue petals as they walked down the aisle!  The couple paired the blues with a white and gray to form a summer hotel wedding color palette. We are especially…

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