Editors Note:  This article appears today on the JWI website.  JWI is one of my favorite magazines I heartily recommend a subscription not just for every Modern Jewish Bride, but also for every Modern Jewish Woman! 7 Ways to Make Shavuot Personal Try these creative strategies for adding spirituality, meaning and beauty to your holiday experience. By Aviva Norman Aviva Norman, a senior at Michigan State University, is a summer intern at Jewish Women International….


One of my deepest held beliefs is the beautiful life cycle traditions the Jewish religion has.  Obviously, I love the traditions around weddings the most!  But, we also have beautiful traditions that are cause for celebration throughout our lives.  And we have rituals and traditions that bring us comfort when we experience a great loss in our lives. One of those traditions is a period of 30 days–it is known as Sheloshim, the first 30…


As written on The Modern Jewish Mitzvah This week the Torah portion is Vayeitzei. Any Bar/Bat Mitzvah students out there who have this portion have a lot to devour, discuss and learn! It’s one of those portions where I learn something new and personal to my life each time I read it and study. I am not all qualified to parse this portion down for you! Instead here are three different takes and lessons from…


This Shabbat is very special for me!  It is the 30th Anniversary of my Bat Mitzvah.  For those of you who don’t speak Bat Mitzvah that means my 43rd birthday is on Halloween! It was nothing less than divine intervention that the Torah portion at my Bat Mitzvah, thereafter known as my Torah portion, was Noah.  The portion of the animals being loaded onto the ark “two by two” would become the story of my…


I used to work at Walt Disney World!  There isn’t a ride there in any of the theme parks which I have not ridden.  Although, many others can say that–I HATE roller coasters!  I will not ride them at any other theme park anywhere!  I am terrified of heights.  I don’t even like glass enclosed elevators.  Therefore, to have ridden every single ride at WDW, even Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster took some…

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