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By Megan Velez, While tying the knot traditionally at your synagogue continues to be a popular choice for couples, more and more resort properties are catering to Jewish weddings. It’s time to ask yourself- what’s stopping you from having your ideal destination wedding? While it may take a bit of creativity and some strategic planning, you can easily turn your dream wedding into a reality – whether it’s on the shores of an exotic…


The things you learn… By Jodi Coplan Apologies for a long post: Everyone says to enjoy the engagement period  is one of the happiest times of your life. Technically speaking, yes it is and no one should be able to take that happiness away because what matters is that you have found your love, your best friend, your soul mate –at least I know I have. But, I’m not sure that thinking is quite accurate…


Quick Note from Michele:  You may remember the beginning of July I had the opportunity to participate in the Next Big Bridal Blogger Contest by You may also remember we won that little contest!  I fell in love with the blog entry of one of my competitors, my new BFF Kristen who writes Chronicles of Dutch.  Here at MJW we believe in paying it forward (a very Jewish concept)!  I’ll be blogging periodically for…


Editors Note: This article is reposed with permission from author & artist, Betsy Teutsch and the Jewish Exponent.  It originally appeared in JE on June 02, 2011 Betsy Teutsch The drafting table where I have been perched, creating ketubot for the past 37 years, has proven to be a ringside seat for detecting trends in the Jewish community. In honor of June, which was once peak wedding month and still is a popular time to…

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