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Happy Valentine’s Day from The Modern Jewish Wedding OK, before you get upset and shout at your screen, “It’s just a hallmark holiday!” Or,”The holiday starts with a “St.” and Jewish preschools don’t even allow the exchange of silly Valentines’ cards”  Trust me, I know.  I KNOW! I am the originator of the Anti-Valentine’s Day Party!  We literally had a party and we all wore black. The two biggest marital spats Mr. MJW & I…


Never heard of Shavuot?  Don’t feel bad!  Neither had I until I worked in a Jewish congregation as the in-house wedding coordinator and the celebration of the Jewish holidays was part of the job description!  What to me was an unheard of holiday, has become my favorite Jewish holiday of the year–that’s right–more than Chanukah, Passover and much more than the High Holidays–I LOVE Shavuot! There’s all kinds of significance attached to Shavuot.  Let’s face…


Yesterday, while we were enjoying our local 4th of July Parade, grillin’ & chillin’ by the pool and the fireworks our friends at Engaged, Now What? were hard at work.  We were thrilled and honored to be a part of the feature.  So, of course we have to share… Here’s the feature, eye candy and inspiration they posted!  Hope you’re having a Happy Holiday Weekend! P.S. If you’re having a Modern Jewish or Jew-ish wedding…


Happy Valentine’s Day from The Modern Jewish Wedding OK, before my loyal readers get all holier than thou on me and shout at me, “It’s just a hallmark holiday!” Or,”They don’t even allow the children at Jewish pre-schools to bring valentines!”  I know…I know… Trust me, I am the originator of the Anti-Valentine’s Day Party!  We all wore black.  (And, at said party my boyfriend at the time was found in the closet kissing someone…

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    • Vanessa and Avi's love story begins at the Choate Rosemary Hall, a prestigious private boarding school in Connecticut where Vanessa and Avi were students. Post high school, Avi decided that he wanted to explore more of the world and moved to London for college.
Despite the distance, their relationship prospered. Two years with the Atlantic ocean between them made their relationship grow stronger. Eventually Avi proposed to Vanessa on the summit of Wheeler Peak, the highest mountain in New Mexico as a tribute to their love for the outdoors.
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