Interfaith Wedding Vows There are many examples of Interfaith Wedding Vows.  Chelsea Clinton had an interfaith wedding as did Lauren Bush.  Each of them chose to incorporate the Jewish faith in her wedding.  Chelsea signed a Ketubah written for interfaith couples.  Lauren took instruction in how to participate in a Jewish ceremony. This real wedding at Carl House (outside of Atlanta) has one of the most poetic Interfaith Wedding Vows I’ve ever heard! Listen carefully…


Stop!  If you haven’t seen yesterday’s feature of Karly & Mario go there first! Now, you’re fully prepared to watch the wedding trailer which captures their first look!   We are super excited we have their video from Seaglass Cinema to share with you! Just in case you’re wondering?  No one responded to yesterday’s question about Karly & Mario’s Ketubah!  Contest is still on.  The first person to leave a comment telling us all where the…


Cristy and Barrett had a lovely Interfaith wedding at a downtown Miami hotel with lots of friends and family.  This ceremony included a beautiful ketubah, the stomping of the glass and a traditional hora!  Two days earlier the couple had a private religious ceremony with a priest and a rabbi co-officiating! Both the priest and rabbi managed to incorporate traditions from both the Christian bride and Jewish groom.  Because it was intimate each segment of…


I can’t say enough about this artistic wedding trailer from FocalPoint Cinematic Weddings!  It’s truly WOW!  It will make you smile, laugh and cry.  I’ve watched it several times.   Each time I fall in love with a different part of the Connie & Alex’s wedding day! It’s tough to pick my favorite part!  When Alex stomps on the glass, during the personal vows, the ketubah signing or the beautiful drash the rabbi gives?  All…


The hand-held Chuppah and traditional Christian vows created a blend of two faiths for Anna & Michael in their April wedding.  The black and white wedding took place at the polished Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas.  You’ll kvell at the Fiddler on the Roof & the traditional dancing. Mazel Tov to the Newlyweds! Thanks to UonDVD for sharing your wedding trailer with us!

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