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It’s Shavuot!  (AKA Michele’s Favorite Holiday) We’re using the holiday as inspiration for your Modern Jewish (& Jew-ish) Wedding Never heard of Shavuot?  Don’t feel bad!  Neither had I until I worked in a Jewish congregation as the in-house wedding coordinator and creating celebrations for the Jewish holidays for the congregation was also part of the job!  What to me was an unheard of holiday, has become my favorite Jewish holiday of the year–that’s right–more…

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The Modern Jewish Wedding Details My favorite part about this gorgeous wedding was her beautiful gown and all the details that went into this wedding. Take a look at their beautiful love story as told by the bride. “Yevgeny and I met through a mutual friend seven years ago. He made me laugh right away and it was pretty much love at first sight. He told his mother a week later that he was going…


In my family, mother’s day is always a major holiday. It is so close to my mother’s birthday; sometimes, even falling on the same day. Mother’s day is also a celebrated day in Judaism. After all, the fourth commandment, explicitly tells us, “To honor our mother and father.” A Modern Jewish Wedding is an easy occasion to honor your Jewish or non-Jewish mom. Use a pin or other adornment from your maternal line for your…


Your dream Ketubah is waiting for you! Imagine having a Ketubah design with personal details like your city, the place where you proposed and your initial carved in a tree; which previously existed only in your mind?  Oren Loloi, of Papercuts by Oren, loves to make those dream visions a reality. After being an artist in New York, Oren returned to his birth home of Israel where he met his wife.  It is because of…


The Modern Jewish Wedding has been growing leaps and bounds as of late! We are proud to formally welcome to the Modern Jewish Wedding family! We couldn’t be happier. For those who need a refresher on what exactly a Ketubah is, it’s an integral part in the Jewish wedding, outlining the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation to the bride. is well versed in Kebuot (the plural of Ketubah)!  In fact,…

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Cantor David Goldschmidt @cantordavidg is a Jewish wedding ceremony singer. He is the son of the Chief Rabbi of Colombia, and has been a chazzan for over fifteen years. Accompanied by a live band, Cantor David sings during the processional and under the chuppah. His most famous song is "Boi Kala (The Bride’s Serenade)", sung to the bride as she walks down the aisle and into the chuppah.
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