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However you spell it here are our 8 Tips to have “8 Crazy Nights!” Bring on the Latkes & Vodkas (and don’t forget the doughnuts)! By night 3 traditional fried latkes and the sour cream vs. applesauce debate can get a bit tiresome.  So, why not spice it up a little.  Literally!  Anjali from Perfect Morsel created Spiced Latkes with Cilantro & Mint Chutney fusing together her spiced Indian food heritage and her husband’s traditional…

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5 Modern Jewish Wedding Tips for an Easy Break Fast We get together, eat “Jewish” foods, debrief (OK nit-pick) the sermons and plan ahead for the true joyous holidays to come (Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Thanksgiving, the Winter Holidays and then finally the secular New Year). 1. Pot Luck It Who has the time to do it all? Between services and a headache from no coffee there is no shame in asking for your guests to…

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Since I skipped out on Rosh Hashanah I am making a special effort to be Present at Yom Kippur.  By Present I mean, not just as a Jew in the Pew, but, truly Present at services in mind, body and spirit.  Since I have a medically valid reason not to fast my mind will not need to busy itself with hunger pangs.  I am hoping my mind will focus on my annual assessment; and I…


Never heard of Shavuot?  Don’t feel bad!  Neither had I until I worked in a Jewish congregation as the in-house wedding coordinator and the celebration of the Jewish holidays was part of the job description!  What to me was an unheard of holiday, has become my favorite Jewish holiday of the year–that’s right–more than Chanukah, Passover and much more than the High Holidays–I LOVE Shavuot! There’s all kinds of significance attached to Shavuot.  Let’s face…


What are the Top Trends for Holiday Parties? It’s time to plan your Halloween party, Thanksgivingkah is just a month away and New Year’s Eve 2013 will be here before we know it!  Here are the trends for holiday parties you may be planning as we speak! Trends for Holiday Entertaining 1.  The focus is on the FOOD! The trend for mini-bites continues.  And, creativity counts!  The focus is not only on the taste of…

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