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Just because Halloween is not a Jewish holiday, doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate it here at Modern Jewish Wedding. Halloween is a very special day to us here at MJW central.  It’s My Birthday! Plus, any day centered around parties, decor and candy has to be a holiday that event planners L-O-V-E, right? In fact, we event types cull great party, costume, food, drink and decor ideas for Halloween all year long.  (Hint, they’re all…


Welcome Back Modern Jewish Wedding! Last week feels like a lifetime ago. In the midst of what my life has been like in November you can feel secure that the MJW team has been working hard on behalf of all of our Modern Jewish Brides and their friends and families. We’re still tweaking the new look to the site (do you likey?).  We’re distributing the magazine.  (Yes, soon, you’ll be able to get your printed…


Last week was a weird week at The Modern Jewish Wedding We took the week off for Shavuot!  Clearly the moon cycle shifted, because, immediately following my favorite holiday, I found myself inundated with wedding planning requests. Yes, I still plan the occasional event.  It makes me a better blogger!  I am able to keep up with trends to share, maintain relationships with the event community and further my message about how to plan excellent…


It’s my favorite soap box!  Why event planners are not a “luxury” item in your wedding (or Bar or Bat Mitzvah) planning budget? You’re going to spend a lot of time and thought considering how to make your wedding uniquely yours. There’s a lot that goes into your thought process:  where to have the reception, what food to serve, how many people to sit at each table, whom to sit with at what table; chairs:…

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