Happy World Gin Day There is no better way to celebrate today than with a nice refreshing cocktail to serve at a summer Modern Jewish Wedding. Gin is great for cocktails but unlike other spirits (tequila, vodka, whiskey, etc..) it should not be served alone. Here are just a few of the many inventive ways you can enjoy these fabulous classic cocktails. The Classic Gin Martini:   Recipe courtesy of The Cookworks Dry Vermouth 2 ounces gin, chilled Directions…


How to Choose a Gift for the Men in Your Wedding Party Say Thank You to the special bros in your Modern Jewish Wedding. Score Some Tickets! What could be better than surprising the men in your life with 50 yard line tickets to an upcoming game? No sports teams in town?  What about tickets to see a favorite band? You won’t have to get sentimental or emotional.  Just hand out the tickets and thank…


Now What? You’ve called everyone, you’ve changed your Facebook Status, you are starting your Pinterest boards, buying up every wedding magazine on the stands and book marking all the best wedding blogs (like, Modern Jewish Wedding)! Let the Modern Jewish Wedding planning begin!  Planning your Modern Jewish Wedding doesn’t have to come with the rumored headaches and stresses. Keep a cool head, following your gut instinct and an outline will help ensure that you aren’t…

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    • Birkat Kohanim is one of our favorite Jewish wedding traditions.
It signifies that today is a day of irrevocable change. The moment when the glass is broken the separate lives of each individual getting married end and their life as a married couple begins.  The act is a reminder that relationships are fragile and must be treated with great care, love and mutual respect.
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