Modern Jewish Wedding On The Road In a few hours I will be taking to the podium to talk about Modern Jewish Weddings and train other event professionals from all over the country on the traditions and variables of the Jewish Wedding. Just as when I attend other conferences I am always amazed seeing the best of the best in catering & events strut their stuff. Here are a few of the fabulous event pictures…


It’s Fat Tuesday!  Happy Mardi Gras I admit, I was young once.  My younger self made a trip, with 9 others in one hotel room, to Mardi Gras.  While my current “more mature” self wouldn’t make the trip to celebrate in person, I am not at all opposed to celebrating the city of New Orleans from my safe and comfortable office. Here are pictures you can use for Modern Jewish Life Cycle party inspiration from…


I had the amazing honor of speaking at the NACE Experience 2012 conference earlier this week.  I taught my fellow Catering & Event Professionals how to “Embrace the Jewish Community for Event Success!”  The attendees made me feel like a part of the NACE family.  Here are a few of the fabulous event pictures to wet your appetite! Don’t worry I’ll be sharing all about what I learned with you tomorrow and next week.


Sometimes in our lives… When we sit back, take stock, reflect and set some goals.  For me, those times do not necessarily revolve around the Jewish calendar (which does a good job of plugging in that time as “required” for holiday rituals).  But, rather the secular school calendar.  Today, is the first day of summer vacation for my youngest and my oldest graduates high school next week. Also, next week I leave for what I…

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