This Shabbat is very special for me!  It is the 30th Anniversary of my Bat Mitzvah.  For those of you who don’t speak Bat Mitzvah that means my 43rd birthday is on Halloween! It was nothing less than divine intervention that the Torah portion at my Bat Mitzvah, thereafter known as my Torah portion, was Noah.  The portion of the animals being loaded onto the ark “two by two” would become the story of my…


Each Thursday, the Modern Jewish Wedding focuses on a different tradition associated with the Jewish wedding.  Today, the Ketubah! Ketubah Nurita is the leading ketubah artist in Israel.  Her work exhibits in museums in Israel and in USA.  See her creating Ketubot (plural of Ketubah) with hiddur mitzvah!  jewish wedding by zooadv   Check out these pictures from our friends at Ketubah Graphia and artist Aliza Boyer!   Want a Modern Jewish twist on your…


Editors note:  I enjoyed this “10 Minutes of Torah” printed today on URJ, I wanted to share it with you in it’s entirety.  Enjoy and Shabbat Shalom! Fateful Words Can Have Fatal Consequences Richard A. Block The Jewish people’s turbulent saga of disillusionment with liberation takes a new and momentarily promising turn this Shabbat, with a foray into the land of Canaan by twelve scouts. Coming on the heels of a sickening surfeit of quails,…


A friend, Julie Lara, whose business it is to “help busy professionals take their careers and lives to the next level by making important changes in their appearance, behavior and communication skills,” made a post on Facebook about National Etiquette Week.  It reminded me of earlier this summer when I was lucky enough to enjoy Step-Mom night out twice in one week.  Both evenings, my enjoyment was slightly hampered by a rude guest!  One night…


It’s Friday afternoon.  And, as I do at this time every week (there’s a lot to be said for routine) I sat down to read about the Torah portion for this Shabbat.  I am reform and the site I usually go to for this quick study (literally called, “10 Minutes of Torah”) is the Union for Reform Judaism. This week’s portion is the end of Leviticus (which as I mentioned in passing last Friday is…

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