TBT# 7 Stealable Ideas from Engage!14 Bachelor Gulch

We’re here at Engage!15 at the 4 Seasons at Walt Disney World (that’s all of us representing from Austin at last night’s welcome party)and we already have eye candy and inspiration to share with you soon.   In the meantime, enjoy Camp Engage!  Last week we shared our seven stealable ideas from last year’s November Engage! at Grand Cayman.

This week it’s another #tbt to last June’s Enage! at Bachelor Gulch in Colorado.

Engage! Your Modern Jewish Wedding with these 7 tips

Engage! is a Luxury Wedding Conference where attendees are given the opportunity to hear from, speak to and network with the most creative and talented people in the events industry. Regular speakers include my sheros:  Marcy, Mindy and Sylvia and my heros:  Matthew & Randy.

Each time I attend the Engage! conference (the one earlier this month was my 4th) I am always blown away by the attention to detail (no surprise since the creators are Disney Wedding alumna), the creativity and the WOW factor.

Engage!14 was held in the beautiful Bachelor Gulch with the theme of “Camp Engage!”

Here are just a few of the ideas you can “steal” for your own Modern Jewish Wedding.

1. It starts before your guests arrive

jewish wedding save the date

Your save the dates and invitations are the first impression your guests receive about your Modern Jewish Wedding.  Make it a good one.  Let your guests know all the information to prepare then to have a great time.  And, send it “Special Delivery!”

2. Think about the details

modern jewish wedding details

It’s the special attention to the details that set an event apart from Beautiful to Experiential!  At Engage! if you blink, you’ll miss a detail and a souvenir, like the staff of the hotel wearing the event color palette, the doilies, napkins, coffee cups and YES, those are the business center computers branded for the event!

3. Create a warm welcome

When your out of town visitors check in at their hotel (or where ever they will be staying) show them a real welcome. It isn’t just about your welcome swag. It’s about creating a mood for your guests as they transition from travel mode to fun mode.

welcome swag bag

Click here for ideas on what to put in your wedding swag bag.

4. Get everyone to participate in a Hora

Even the non-Jews at your party will get on the dance floor for a rousing Hora!

modern jewish wedding hora

5. Be creative with the food

modern jewish wedding break

At the first session break the food was served to us in a covered wagon.

engage welcome party

The welcome party had unique serving vessels (including a champagne fountain), guest interaction (create your own pizza) and bar tenders who served entertainment (and eye candy) along with the cocktails.

dessert party

What’s a camp experience without S’mores and milk?

modern jewish wedding reception

The final party concluded with the ultimate last night of camp experience where “No One Puts Baby In A Corner!”

6. Have a flash mob

engage flash mob

7. Don’t forget to bring the FUN!


Show your guests you’re having a good time. If they see you having enjoying yourself, they will too.

Want more ideas from Engage?  Check out our current live streams of photos and moments from the conference on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest).



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