Lively circle dancing — popularly known as the hora — usually starts immediately when the bride and groom enter the party room. At more traditional weddings there are separate circles for men and women — sometimes split by a mehitzah (divider). In more liberal crowds, men and women dance together. Get ready for some raucous dancing, and feel free to take your turn dancing with the wedding couple.

As part of the hora, the couple will be seated on chairs and lifted in the air — if you’re strong, you can lend a hand. While they’re hoisted up, the bride and groom might hold onto a kerchief or napkin. You might recognize this part from the movies.

The couple may take a break from dancing themselves, sit down on chairs on the dance floor, and let the guests entertain them. You can dance for them or show off your back-flipping, juggling, or fire-blowing talents. Be creative — it’s all about making the newlyweds happy!