Traditions on Thursday– Breaking Glass at your Jewish Wedding

Traditions on Thursday– a new tradition for Breaking Glass at your Jewish Wedding

Husband and wife team Lisa and Robb are helping couples with breaking the glass at Jewish weddings!  They are the creators of the Mazel Tov Stone.

Mazel Tov Stone TM creates a new wedding tradition by allowing couples to start their marriage on a piece of Israel.  The beautifully engraved Mazel Tov Stone TM can be displayed as an artistic and unique commemoration of their marriage celebration!

A little background on Mazel Tov Stone®:  Jewish Breaking of the Glass Tradition

My husband Robb and I created the Mazel Tov Stone® after we attended my cousins’ wedding rehearsal.   The bride was expressing concern glass might not break on the soft grass at their outdoor ceremony.  The traditions of a Jewish wedding, especially the glass breaking ceremony,  can create anxiety!  Worrying about it slipping out from under the groom’s foot or sinking into grass, sand and not breaking…..oy vey!

Robb has been in the stone industry for years.  He never travels without stone samples!  So, he grabbed a sample of Jerusalem Gold limestone, large enough to place under the glass, ensuring that it would break. Now we combine his expertise of stone craftsmanship and my design skills as a professional interior designer,  by creating an attractive one-of-a-kind keepsake!

And, creating the unique experience of taking first steps as a married couple on a piece of the Holy Land – literally – every Mazel Tov Stone® is made of genuine limestone from the same quarries as the stones used to build the ancient temples in Jerusalem!

(Editors’ note:  how meaningful!)!

Just as a strong foundation is critical to the strength of a building, so is the foundation upon which a marriage is built.  The Mazel Tov Stone creates a new glass breaking ceremony and commemorates  the Jewish wedding tradition with a symbol of that solid foundation.  The stone is custom-engraved with the names of the bride and groom, along with their wedding date, and is used as a solid surface upon which you can perform the tradition of breaking glass at a Jewish wedding.

jewish wedding breaking of the glass stoneThe Mazel Tov Stone® comes in a variety of shapes and engraved designs, with various monogram and icon options to choose from.  They can also be done in custom shapes and/or engraved designs.

There has never been anything like a Mazel Tov Stone® before, that’s why we chose the tag line “Creating a New Tradition”


Mazel Tov Stone 2 for Bar/Bat Mitzvah is coming soon and will be featured on the Modern Jewish Mitzvah come late September!

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