Jewish Wedding Program – What to Include

Martha Stewart has gorgeous DIY ideas for Wedding Programs.  The Knot has Wedding Program Basics!

Where should one go to find out what to include in a Modern Jewish Wedding Program?  Here of course!

10 Things You Want to Include In Your Modern Jewish Wedding Program

1.  Wedding Date (in Hebrew). jewish wedding program

Why Not?  You need the information for your Ketubah.  You don’t even have to ask your Rabbi.  HebCal makes it easy to figure out.

2.  What is taking place before the processional.

Are you doing any pre-processional ceremonies?  A Tish or Kabbalat Panim?  A Bedeken?  Signing your Ketubah? Make sure to let your guests know what has already happened?  That way, when they are referred to later everyone will be on the same program page!

3.  Your Music! 

Are you using music sentimental to the two of you as a couple?  Did you use Jewish music which might need a translation for your guests?  Tell us what it is and more importantly why your music was chosen to represent you.  Here are some ideas for meaningful Jewish music you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony.

aimage picture of chuppah4.  Tell us about your Chuppah! 

Every chuppah has a story.  Tell us yours!  Is it handheld?  Who are your holders?  Is it stationary?  What did you choose to decorate it (or not)?  What is the cover made of?  What is special and sentimental about your chuppah! Don’t forget to include what all chuppot represent!

5.  Erusin/Betrothal

Explain this first part of the wedding ceremony.  Especially interesting are facts about the Jewish wedding ring.  Especially, if yours is a family heirloom or has other special meaning–share it with your guests!

6.  Nisuin/Sheva Brachot

You can include all the blessings so your guests can read along.  You can paraphrase their meaning.  Who is reading and or chanting your blessings for you?  If you choose to honor someone with a reading of one of the Sheva Brachot, please tell us who it is (and why this person is special to you both).

7.  Birkat Kohanim/Breaking of the Glass

Just because it is the best known Jewish wedding ritual doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include it in a Jewish wedding program!  There are so many explanations for the breaking of the glass.  Choose the one which speaks to you as a couple and tell your guests.  Even more fun, tell us if the glass has any special significance!  Will it be used to create a piece of Judaica for your home?  Don’t forget to tell everyone reading a Jewish wedding program for the first time to shout a hearty Mazel Tov!

8.  In Memory of Loved Ones

“It is hard to sing of oneness when our world is not complete; when the ones who brought us wholeness now are gone.  yet the fullness of their life is part of what we have become and their spirit in our melody lives on,”  Each Blessing, by Abby Gostein

9.  Yihudyichud for modern jewish wedding programs

Are the two of you going to do Yihud?   Share with everyone what Yihud means, how long you two will share this time and what you hope to accomplish before joining your guests!

10.  Where should your guests go when the ceremony is over?

Don’t forget to give your guests useful directions to stay seated for photos, get to the cocktail hour or find a seating card for dinner!


What did you include in your Jewish wedding program?  Let us know!




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