An SMP “Little Black Book” Worthy Wedding Joy is defined as, “the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.” In Hebrew a similar word of joy and elation is Simcha! Which is why we often refer to beautiful times in our lives such as births, Bar and Bat Mitzvah and weddings as simcha(s)! Gazing at these pictures of Julie and Avi it is easy to understand…


I don’t cook!  No, I mean I really don’t cook.  (Even my crock pot attempts have not been overly successful–but, more on that later!) So, on Monday while most of my friends and family were busy in kitchens preparing the festive meal for first night of Passover.  I was performing my own Passover ritual–spring cleaning.  It began with an early spin class (since I would be missing my traditional Monday evening step with the incredible…


  The Jewish Life Cycle is made up of more than weddings.  In fact, the Jewish religion has rituals, ceremonies and celebrations from cradle to grave and everything in between!  And, the Jewish year is punctuated by beautiful holiday celebrations. Tonight begins the holiday of Pesach (Passover). It is the most celebrated Jewish holiday of the year.  Passover was even celebrated in the course of the Warsaw ghetto uprising during the Holocaust. We can learn…


I just love Amy Atlas and her dessert bar features.  This Thanksgiving wedding reception took the dessert bar concept to a whole new level.  The bride incorporated a smashed potato bar & popcorn bar during the cocktail hour and during the reception there was a pie bar & a Thanksgiving dessert display. Check out these photos shot by Stella Alesi Photography and coordinated by Amy Mader, of Platinum Weddings & Events. The upscale water station…

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