Nothing says fresh start to the New Year (or a new day) then a fresh cup of coffee? In honor of this great day–National Coffee Day–Michele ordered her favorite Starbuck’s Beverage (tall white chocolate mocha latte with one shot peppermint and no whip) and decided on a little pay it forward action too; paying for the next car at the drive through.  Here’s hoping it lasted! (Also, not a bad way to start the first…


Just yesterday we featured Jamye’s bridal portrait session. Here’s the lovely Modern Interfaith Wedding From the bride, “We met on, our first date lasted several hours. We started at Vino 100 and ended up going to several more places. We went out on a Friday and had our second date on Sunday. We knew from the start that we had something special. We got engaged on a Monday. Rick was planning on proposing that…


Modern Jewish Wedding Coming Tomorrow Before we share the wedding with you we thought you should see the beautiful Jamye and how much fun she had taking her formal bridal portraits with our friend Shawna. Jamye chose this historic Magnolia Hotel.  This iconic structure was built in 1922 was the first high rise in the United States to have air conditioning and Dallas’s first skyscraper.  It is known for Pegasus, the Flying Red Horse, which…


I’m a sucker for an Orange Color Palette! So, I was giddy as a kid in a candy store when I opened this sunny orange wedding from the early fall in Long Island. We also have to wish an early Happy Anniversary to Lisa & David. The Modern Jewish Wedding Details David’s mother made the couples’ chuppah topper.  Seeing her expression as she watches the chuppah ceremony brought a chill–touching.  Such an intimate moment that…


Happy Tuesday Shoeday! We have a great pair of studded green ones for you today.  Along with a boutique venue, an artist MOB and a joyful couple. Today’s Real Modern Jewish Wedding was at the Allegro Hotel – a nice boutique hotel in downtown Chicago.  Scott is originally from Colorado and both he and Jenny are big football fans.  Jenny of the Colts and Scott of the Broncos. We always say the best Modern Jewish…

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