A Wedding at Alcatraz Prison?

Escaping the 100 + degree weather at home we have been exploring the Bay area of Northern CA.   We visited Stanford and UC Berkley; went to Muir Woods; went shopping for souvenirs on Pier 39; had New England clam chowder in a famous sourdough bread bowl and my personal favorite–visited Alcatraz!

Alcatraz Prison was once home to the country’s most infamous criminals including Al Capone and the famous Robert Stroud, “Birdman” of Alcatraz.  The solitary confinement cells made me so claustrophobic I couldn’t even go inside. The cell house is dark, dank and filled with death stories!   Yet, outside the walls of the cell block there are beautiful views of the skyline of San Francisco.

To satisfy my curiosity I had to know if any Modern Brides ever wanted to turn the site in her wedding venue.  It came as no surprise to find out the event design goddess Sasha Souza had pulled it off!  She turned Alcatraz into a dressed up private event.  It’s not exactly a Modern Jewish Wedding–but, Sasha proves if you dream it…!  Here are the pics from her website!

Tomorrow’s Real Wedding features a Modern Jewish Wedding that also takes advantage of the beautiful San Francisco view!

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