Jewish Wedding Invitations: Thinking Outside the Envelope!

Jewish Wedding Invitations: How to Set the Tone Without Paper

Jewish wedding invitations set the first impression with your guests!   This is the first look they have to see what can be expected:  a formal black tie affair or a backyard BBQ?

We have our our top three Jewish wedding invitations trends when it comes to thinking outside the envelope, ensuring your Jewish wedding invitations will be talked about all the way up until the wedding.

The Jewish Wedding Invitations: The E-Vite: Yes, the digital age is upon us and more importantly so are the times when becoming green is the hip, new thing to do when it comes to  Jewish wedding invitations.

The Jewish Wedding Invitations: Video Invitations: Like its predecessor, a video invitation is also an earth-friendly way to invite your guests to your Modern Jewish Wedding. Sites like make it easy for you to pick a template and insert your own video. Imagine the surprise on your guest’s faces when they open the envelope and watch a slideshow of you and your beloved inviting them to partake in your special day.

jewish wedding invitations

The Jewish Wedding Invitations:  Edible Invites: Whoever said you couldn’t have your Jewish wedding invite and eat it too?  Introducing the edible invite. Make a sweet (literally) and simple Jewish wedding invitation really stand out when you have your invitation molded onto chocolate. Guests will surely remember the taste of your wedding for years to come!  The only problem might be remembering to write down all the details before taking a bite!

Don’t be afraid to be different and take a chance when it comes to your Jewish wedding invitations. This is the time to set the tone and show your personalities!

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