Jewish Wedding Pictures: 10 Do’s & Don’ts for yours!

When the wedding is over and all you’re left with is the big white dress you won’t ever wear again one way you can re-capture the moment is to sit down with your spouse and look over those fabulous Jewish wedding pictures!  Not the ones, your friends took and posted on Facebook and Instagram; the professional Jewish wedding pictures taken by a pro in the album for you to have forever!

Your photography is not a place to skimp!

Trust me, this is a do as I say, not as I did; too many brides learn the hard way!  Your Great Aunt Luise won’t always be around and you’ll want that Jewish wedding picture of her with you in front of the chuppah!  And, don’t let your photographer miss the stomping of the glass, and oh, what about when you got lifted in the chairs for the Hora?  Probably your friends weren’t standing on chairs to get a good shot of your face–but, your professional photographer knows just how to get Jewish Wedding Pictures that will capture all those moments!

With the list below of some simple Do’s & Don’ts, you and your photographer can work as a team to make sure your Jewish Wedding Pictures are everything you need to always remember your special day!

1. Do Finalize the Jewish Wedding Picture Timeline!

Talk with your photographer before finalizing your wedding day schedule. Natural light and certain times of day should be taken into consideration for certain photos.  Your photographer can help you plan how to make sure to get those fabulous Jewish wedding pictures.

2. Don’t Let Aunt Yenta Get in the Way!

Don’t let your snap-happy guests, even Aunt Yenta with her new iPhone camera, get in the way of your pro photographer. Encouraging others to wait until after your pro has first takes, ensures you’ll be looking at the right camera and no one’s flash will get in the way of the lighting on which you have spent money!

3. Do Explain How You Like to Look in Photos!

You know better than anyone else how you like to stand, what angle works best, and what pose flatters you. You want to be sure to have this conversation with your photographer before the big day.  It’s great to do this over a fun engagement session, so, by the time you’re under the chuppah, your photographer will know just what angle you look your bridal best for your Jewish wedding pictures.

4. Don’t Focus Too Much on Taking Photos!

A good wedding photographer can capture your Jewish wedding pictures and the entire story of the day while keeping the time away from your guests to a minimum.

5. Do “Hire” Someone to Organize Your Guests for your Jewish Wedding Pictures

This is a perfect task for your cousin who is insulted she wasn’t a part of the wedding party!  Designate someone that can rally the family and be heard over the kibbitzing, tears, and shouts of Mazel Tov!  This will keep things moving quickly, smoothly, and enjoyably.

6. Don’t Skip the “First Look”

first look photo jewish wedding picture

A ‘first look” session is so much first look photo better than rushing with portraits after the ceremony (and while your guests are enjoying your cocktail hour)!  Your professional photographer can help make the moment fun and creative!  Right before you sign your Ketubah is a perfect time to get these unique Jewish wedding pictures!

7. Do Choose a Photographer with whom You Connect & Book that Person NOW!

You’ve got to get along with your wedding photographer and trust the person to capture some of the most intimate moments in your life!  You might have tears in your eyes, be overcome with laughter or have a look of terror during the Hora.  If you connect with your photographer s/he will be able to capture all these Jewish wedding pictures.  Most reputable wedding photographers book 15-18 months in advance.  Have your wedding date?  Start researching and book your photographer!

Bonus Hint! We say interview at least three before you make a decision.

(True story from Michele.  She finally got Jesse to officially propose when her top three choices for photographers were all booked and she had to put down a deposit to secure someone!)

8. Don’t Skip the Engagement Session!

See #1, 3 & 7! Engagement sessions increase your comfort level in front of the camera and instills more trust in the photographer for the big day making your Jewish wedding pictures look effortless.

9. Do Hire a Professional Photographer!

See all of the above!  Enough Said!  Check out our Modern Jewish Wedding Vendor Directory to see professional photographers who know a thing or two about the Do Not Miss Photos of a Jewish Wedding and they have the merit badge to prove it!

10. SMILE! It’s your Wedding Day! 

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