Meeting Amy Atlas, author of “Sweet Designs!”

Most of you already know how much I adore Amy Atlas, but until yesterday it was from afar, following her blog, tweets, Facebook, and Pinterest!  However, yesterday she visited Austin as a part of her Williams-Sonoma sponsored Book Tour for her new book “Sweet Designs,” and I got to meet the object of my affection!  She did not disappoint!  It was such a treat to meet a person whose work is amazing and find her an amazing person too!

Amy Atlas invented the concept of high-end Dessert Tables and Candy Bars!  Her work helped take food as art and decor to new levels of elegance, beauty, fun, and creativity!  And, I’m not just saying that!  Don’t believe me?  Check out her blog!

When I arrived she was already chatting away with the group, getting to know who was in the audience!  Other reformed lawyers, a mother of five, a little fan who was coming to see her, bakers, and other event professionals like me!  As she went through her example table, based on a chapter in her book just right for the start of summer and the upcoming 4th of July holiday, she managed to address each of us and the reason behind our interest.

Her biggest tipLook at everything in different ways.  You can re-theme the same table, just by changing the colors!  Use frayed edges instead of straight edges, use a charger as a serving platter!  Everything can be re-used, re-imagined and re-purposed!

We sampled two of the recipes which appeared on the table the tea and the trifle! Yummy! The easy recipes alone make the book worth while!

She didn’t just sign our books! She talked to each of us, took pictures with us and gave us all her thanks for being there. She wrote in my book that she thinks, “I’m amazing and rock!” WOW! That’s inspiration which will stay with me and I can only hope that one day I’ll be able to inspire someone else and pay it forward!

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